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Attorney Fiano Successful In Obtaining $540,000 Judgment At Trial


Sabato Fiano recently tried a case before the Connecticut Superior Court on behalf of homeowners seeking to recover for damages arising out of the large-scale renovation of their home in Fairfield, CT.  Despite the fact that the homeowners’ contract was with a limited liability company (LLC), Attorney Fiano was successful at trial in proving that the individual builder in charge of the LLC should be held personally liable for the homeowners’ damages.  The Court awarded judgment in favor of Attorney Fiano’s clients against both the LLC and the individual builder personally, in an amount of approximately $540,000.







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Timely Action on IRAs & retirement plan contributions can cut an individual’s 2013 tax bill.


Here are some moves clients can take right now to reduce their 2013 adjusted gross income (AGI):


Make regular IRA contribution. Contributions to traditional IRAs for tax year 2013, including deductible contributions by those eligible to make them, can be made as late as April 15, 2014


Salvage a late-2013 IRA or qualified plan payout. A taxpayer who was financially compelled to take a distribution from a traditional IRA or an individual account in a qualified retirement plan late in 2013, but now has the money to replenish the retirement savings, can avoid taxes on the withdrawal by making a rollover to a traditional IRA generally no later than the 60th day after the day he received the distribution.


Back out of a traditional-IRA-to-Roth-IRA conversion. A taxpayer who converted a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA during 2013 may decide this wasn’t a good tax move after all.


Shelter self-employment income.  A taxpayer who earned self-employment income during 2013 can shelter part of it by making a deductible retirement plan contribution even if he didn’t set up a retirement plan before the end of last year. He can both set up and contribute to a SEP (simplified employee pension) as late as his return due date (plus extensions). For 2013, the maximum deductible contribution generally is 20% of net earnings from self-employment income, or $51,000, whichever is less.


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Attorney Fiano Successful In Proving Oral Contract At Trial


Sabato Fiano was recently successful in trying a case before the Connecticut Superior Court on the behalf of a client seeking to collect upon an oral subcontract on a major construction project in Fairfield, CT.  The general contractor disputed the amount of the client’s agreed-upon subcontract.  Despite the fact that the client’s subcontract was unwritten, Attorney Fiano was successful at trial in proving the terms of the subcontract through his examination of the general contractor and the property owner.  The Court awarded judgment in favor of Attorney Fiano’s client for the entire unpaid balance of its oral subcontract, plus substantial interest.





Attorney Fiano Collects Large Debt For Client From Shell Company


Sabato Fiano recently represented a corporation that was owed more than $165,000 with respect to a significant service contract.  The debtor claimed to be defunct and have no assets to satisfy its obligation to Attorney Fiano’s client.  Through a procedure rarely used in the Connecticut courts, Attorney Fiano was successful in uncovering a separate company that was holding significant assets of the debtor.  Attorney Fiano ultimately settled the case on terms favorable to his client.





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ZNC Obtains Verdict Over $2.8 Million Dollars From New Haven Court


On November 28, 2012, Attorney Jeremy C. Virgil obtained a $2,841,914.84 verdict from Judge John C. Flanagan on behalf of a tenant who suffered injuries from a malfunctioning stove in a lawsuit against his then landlords.  On January 17, 2007, our client was consumed in flames when he attempted to light the rooming house’s common kitchen stove.  He sustained second and third degree burns to nearly his entire body.  Treatment required him to be placed into a coma and paralyzed during his three month hospitalization that necessitated multiple skin grafts and facial reconstruction surgeries.  Despite denying liability one of the landlords admitted during her deposition that she knew the stove had been malfunctioning and had intentionally left it that way to discourage the tenants from using it to keep the gas bill down.






May 16, 2016

United Way of Coastal Fairfield County

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May 1, 2014

Association of Legal Administrators Panel Discussion:


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